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A Textbook of ISC Biology for Class-12 Paperback – 2017

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Language: ENGLISH
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: S.CHAND
ISBN: 9789106485195, 9352534913
Edition: 1, 2017

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Authored by Sarita Aggarwal, A Textbook of ISC Biology has been specially designed for the students of class 12. It maintains strict adherence to the latest syllabus and guidelines that have been prescribed by the ISC board. It has been published by the S Chand Publishing and is written in fluid English which is easy for the students to understand. Clearly written instructions let the students easily grasp the concise definitions. It promises to let the students score excellent marks and rankings in their school final examination.

Salient Features

• It comes with activities, experiments and additional exploratory material which will prove to be beneficial for the students.

• It comes with exercises that will let the students self-assess their knowledge base.

• The enriched content covers the topics that are part of the ISC syllabus and ISC prescribed textbooks.

• Clearly labeled pictures let the students understand the different phenomenon of Biology.

• Graphs and schematic representation of data will let the students memorise the content and learn it by heart quite easily.


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